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How to add a clickable banner to your signature
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So you've created a new banner for your band, now you want to make it part of your signature. Here's how you do it.

You need to host the banner picture somewhere, a good place is right here in you forum Gallery.
User CP>Pictures & Albums>Add Album>Add pic
Please keep your banner at 468 x 60px in size!

Click on the image and you will then see the image URL itself eg.

You also need the url of you band page too but remember to link this to the track you want to appear (eg your master track).

Copy these URL's into the following format taking care to ensure the BB codes are exactly as follows in User CP>Edit Signature>

Here;s the Code:

The above is the code for the Admin banner below - note that it links to the mp3unsigned homepage, you need to swap out that address for the URL to your band page.

And your finished!
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