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Can I make a suggestion about using the New MP3 forum....I do understand how you can wanna post a lot of tracks together on same day...we all have 100 spots to use and that's great...but posting the links to every single one of them at the same time just obscures every track that's been advertised on New MP3s...burying the entire lot one fell swoop. This can result in a bumping war which seems so childish and self-defeating because EVERYONE can do it and will do it to get their tracks some attention.

I have a New Poems Forum on my poetry site and the same thing happened there for a long time until I decided to limit the number of posts in that forum although people can still post their poems in their own pages but cannot advertise them in New Poems en masse....can u put some kind of limit on that forum? Like say 1 per day? That would help surely?

I am saying this today as someone just posted 13 tracks on there and someone else 6 and both amounts are excessive and sorry to say so but selfish and thoughtless.

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