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dawnsinclair is just really nicedawnsinclair is just really nicedawnsinclair is just really nicedawnsinclair is just really nice

Thanks for the response Amadeus and nice try for the idea and hard work into making auto notice available...I didn't know it was there but then I am a trwat about such things. What a headache it all is for you...sorry hun.

Just another question though (and I am sure everyone knows this but me, too) but how can I see the total list of people who have recommended me now on new page? I can't even tell who the ones I can see are....I mean I see the pics but who are they? And is there anyway we can add to or delete them?

I won't ask the most obvious question of all....why don't I get people listening to my tracks any more....because I have accepted they don't and won't and it's probably because I don't spend enough time here listening to others so fair enough (although some of the genres are just to way out there for my tastes now being I am ancient and according to some (mostly idiots) past it anyway...because lets face it, lyricists don't have to be in their teens to relate...some of the best are older than me by far.) Anyway, that's not a question....just a grouse. Shoot it someone.
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