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I'd have no gripe about entering a competition judged by Hydro or anyone.

Thing is this... anyone judging a competition is open to a fair bit of abuse should they choose a winner that doesn't work for the majority of entrants. Judges beware (but not voters)!!!

So, to pick a judge (or panel) you have to believe (or accept) they are fair minded then there can be no-legitimate-complaints whoever the winner is.

Even artists come in for flack (should they win and not declare they had used samples from someone else). It wasn't long ago that this happened in this very boutique. Bickering went so far that the judging credentials were seriously questioned.

So artists and judges beware maybe!!!

Should a voting system be decided then keep it to artist-members. OK, the winner won't (I reckon) feel the kudos of winning should a judge or panel have decided the result but if nobody can decide on a panel then what to do?

Originally Posted by Disfunktional-DJs View Post
My point about Andy been a judge is he doesn't know anything about EDM.
How many times have you seen Andy comment on Dance music other than's very little...Thats because he doesn't understand it too well.
How many folk know anything about the music they dance to? I'd submit that you don't need to understand something to appreciate it - for example gravity or magnetism.

I do tend to listen to marty's music but i've pm'ed him a few times to say i won't be commenting because a particular tune did nothing for me.

It's my musical taste that is all-too restrictive not my understanding. Hell, i don't even like much rock music anymore!!!
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