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Can't Resist Mentioning....
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For quite a while now, I've only dared to hint at the prospect a song I collaborated on is being recorded by a name.....and although the name is almost unknown in this country it is a top name in China which I am sure has a thriving music industry. I did a bit of research on the artist and found she is far better known as an actress and is in fact one of the top actresses in China, working with and for Jackie Chan for star roles I might add.

Anyway, turns out she is also a singer and is recording I Walked Away by Boyana and me for an album which comes out next month.... the remuneration is better than I thought it would be and of course we get a sliver of the royalties after everyone else get their cuts....we are delighted anyway and in a sense it proves (to ourselves if no one else) that we weren't just mucking about after all LOL

So there you have me madam and doff your hat from now on hahahah

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