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Worse than "drop and run"
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There are always gonna be those who use this site as just another place to park their songs, no time or no interest in being part of the community. It's a free site, that's their choice and I respect that. What's chapping my ass is the new members who seem to think this place is a ready-made personal fan club for them and only leave comments on their own tunes after someone's given them a listen. I've got no beef with those who leave comments on their own songs thanking listeners, as long as I see them making time to listen to others on the site. If they've got talent, and are doing that, they'll get listens from me and I don't really care whether they check out my tunes or not. Seeing these guys push interesting, relevant comments from members of the community off the front page just to promote themselves and their tune....grrr. Find somewhere else to do it.

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