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I'm with Ricky on this issue; I miss the old days here too when admin was more involved and rules were tighter. Ha ha, and the battles that would ensue when folks would try to get around them! Those were fun too.

Part of what makes mp3u an interesting place to visit, is the comment section on the front page, unfortunately there's only room for a few there. When that space is taken up by someone tooting their own horn it pushes others off. I often rely on interesting comments seen there to steer me toward interesting songs.

I can understand someone wanting to express gratitude for getting a listen, or wanting to respond to a query raised in a comment. One way others have found to do that is to visit a song on the page of the person who raised the question and leave your reply in a comment there, actually they're much more likely to actually see it if you do. Or make use of this forum, which is underused more often than not.
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