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Back in the day there was a community on here (forum) and they were more or less been admin, back then there was really only one admin and that was Stew and I think most people respected him so it was harder to be sneaky because he was on to it straight away. But the members kept each other in check too.

We don't have this now, Before if anyone was taking the piss the community would sort it and the piss taking was much less. Now its all done via artist pages and comments, and its mainly just friends commenting on other friends. Back then a collab with multiple artists wouldn't rate and comment their own because they would get removed or questioned on the forum.

This is what I miss most about here. Now we are getting 3-6 artist collabs and they're commenting and rating it. Now if we had a community this wouldn't be allowed because sh*t would hit the fan, This is why I now choose to not vote on certain tracks. If more people did this it would soon stop. remember back then it would take 30+ votes now 10-12 is more likely and if you think some of the larger collabs are voting that's anything from 3-6 sneaky votes. Thats up to 50% of the vote.
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