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What is the recommended MP3 kbps for upload?
Ron Solo 15-11-2017, 00:06 AM

Based on the M3U player, does the player reformat user MP3 song uploads if they are not already a certain kbps?

It seems this is what usually happens.. so some sites recommend 128 kbps uploads for player compatibility (e.g., Soundclick and Reverbnation).

Otherwise there is sound quality loss when say a 320 kbps song is uploaded and it is reformatted to say 128 kbps for the player. Lossy formats do not reformat well of course, but WAV to Mp3 is no problem, making Bandcamp and Soundcloud advantages in this regard.

In my opinion this is a big issue which may explain the waning success of many of these types of sites throughout the years, which should be more of a popular thing in my opinion. Although editing short comes is another problem probably keeping the average would-be songster from wanting to share anything.


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