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Originally Posted by Ron Solo View Post
A note about 320k

This site's setup allows much better playback at 320 kbps, my initial concern was the playback quality! And of course the download quality, a bonus now --- Thanks MP3U!

Speculation: M3U does not have a player but a plugin that utilizes the end user's player/on that particular computer listened from, i.e., Window's Media Player.

However it works --- it works superior to other sites. And why this information is so inaccessible is a mystery to me --- but then again so much is dumbed down out there --- deliberately and or otherwise.

Users can't delete posts.

The part in red is correct. This site streams 320 or whatever the file that is uploaded. The quality of the files is a different story because so many on here are 320 but the recording quality is poor. Just because its 320 doesn't mean its a good recording. Hope this helps.
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