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Childrens Music
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The rise in popularity of streaming music rather than purchasing it has had a significant impact on obscure artists (like me). I'm not a wealthy man, but to about 2012 I was doing alright and most important I was happily building a small but loyal following. Every year my albums sales increased. Streaming pulled the rug and the plug on many unknown artists. I still sell some albums but not much anymore. I won't spend the time or money to produce another cd. Redshirt Theory (I'm sorry I don't know his real name), I think it's Arron warned me about that many years ago. I didn't want to believe it.

If you want to get your musical ass kicked check his music out. I thought I had heard that he had passed away? I hope I'm wrong about that.

Redshirt Theory

Anyways. I was looking for a way to make some money in addition to my BLJ music. I decided to remaster and sell a collection of ten songs I wrote when my children were young. Well believe it or not it panned out. A company that distributes educational and children's music to Public Libraries across the country has been buying my CDs. I may even have to put in for a reorder! Can you believe it? It's not very hip, but hey at least I'm selling music. I could post a song or two if you like? My only worry is that if people find out I'm BLJ, they will pull the plug on it

I'm sorry I can't post these tunes lol They are just too silly for mp3u
Thanks for the comments but I'm pulling it off

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