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mp3unsigned recent uploads player?
tbwig tbwig is offline 13-03-2014, 15:27 PM

Ok, I'm willing to concede that I may be just at the point in a week of holidays that I am chilled enough and in such a good state of being grounded that this idea reflects only that, and nothing more, but.... I am wondering whether the tech support and Admin team for the site could develop (if it doesn't already exist and I am not aware of a lot of the behind the site stuff that goes on)...wait for it...an MP3Unsigned Recent Uploads Player...much like we see when we click on a page and listen to a tune, but this would, with one single click, play the entire recent 100 uploads...just playing ...one after another in a panacea of streaming.

Could this be done for the charts too: a quick way of listening to everything deposited in that part of the site too?

Call me naive (and you'd be right but it seems that clicking on tunes and individual pages requires a lot of clicking, and "to and fro"-ing. So, since I was listening to so many great tunes this morning, I wondered whether there could be a player for those tracks...if you don't want to listen to a tune, an arrow key to advance to the next tune...want to comment?...pause the track to offer a thought to the artist...resume streaming the tunes?...possible? Variations on that idea?

Maybe it has already been tried, and maybe it is too tech intensive, and maybe there is not enough interest. But, maybe no one has suggested it and tried it? Or maybe I am going stir-crazy from cabin fever in this never-ending land of frozen lakes and rivers


All the best,

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I think what you are asking for would be tied in with the latest tracks section of the home page. Not sure if it's there already though.
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