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DREAMSPHERE (hook driven melodic Metal)
DreamSphere 05-03-2016, 19:00 PM

Greetings one and all - its been almost 10 years since we were last active on here, when we were known as Dark Dreams. However things started drying up due to work and family commitments, and the creativity fizzled out somewhat, but more recently the situation has gradually improved. We are happy to say that we are officially back, and songwriting has improved a great deal.

Unlike Dark Dreams, where many compositions featured vocals, the music of Dreamsphere consists of instrumental passages where lead guitars take the place of vocal lines. This is not to say that lyrics have not, or will not be written for them in the future. The problem lies with the location of where we record.

An apartment block is not the ideal place to record music, but family and work responsibilities preclude making use of a proper recording studio. Thus guitar parts are recorded direct, drum patterns are digitally programmed, and singing is totally out of the question.

As it stands, we are awaiting the delivery of a new Ibanez guitar and two pairs of studio headphones, although the rest of the equipment (including new guitar pedals and a Zoom 16 track recording studio) has been purchased, none of it overly expensive.

For this reason our current recordings are in demo form only, with guitars sounding dull and out of tune in places (intonation having not being set correctly). That being said, the three tracks available at this time are complete, the arrangements having been settled, with a fourth scheduled for an official launch in the New MP3 Forum later on today.

In the meantime, please feel free to have a listen to what's available now, intelligent criticism is always helpful. If you like Iron Maiden then our music will certainly have a familiar feel, but whether you like this type of music our not, our songs are designed to please rather than offend the ears, so do not be put off by the 'Metal' tag.

Please also listen through as there are significant mood and time changes, especially with "Flight of the Phoenix" which is currently the first track. The second "Promised Land" has a more rocking Judas Priest feel with a catchy chorus, wheres "The Dreamsphere" is actually meant as a tribute to Iron Maiden. Its fast and hard at first but then settles into a mid tempo middle with hooks aplenty.


As veterans of this site, we know how things operate. Any comments you leave will be rewarded by a thorough investigation of your music (so please be patient), and comments left where appropriate.

Warmest regards - Peter Quinn

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Old 13-05-2017, 16:33 PM
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After a long hiatus, due in part to a broken laptop (and hence, very limited internet access), we are officially back!

Sincerest of apologies all round, especially to those of you who so generously supported and encouraged us throughout our activities on here.

There will be much more music to come...
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dreamsphere, driven, hook, iron maiden, melodic, melodic metal, metal

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