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Shadow of Emotion (MASSIVE SOUND)
Dacheleigh Music Dacheleigh Music is offline 24-04-2013, 08:52 AM

My "technique tester" test track has made it to the point of becoming an actual mix lol.. I liked the test track so much I decided to keep it going.. Work in progress as usual, but so far.. The technique seems to be working so far too!

LATEST UPDATE: Well, I didn't expand on length like I thought I would do.. Instead, I restructured the melodies a bit to seem like I expanded it lol.. Added more effects, revised kick patterns, revised pads.. This thing is massive as it is and if I keep going, it'll just be a bit too much going on if I haven't already hit that point already.. Also revised the ending a tiny bit. Still more to do to this one so stay tuned for another update


Shadow of Emotion (WIP - 2013)

Dacheleigh Music
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emotion, massive, shadow, sound

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