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Or "podium", by another name, ha ha! Yeah, using/abusing this turf to pimp, so sue me...

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Actually, it's an appropriate spot as a lot of you guys (anyone else notice a dearth of girls around here?) have heard various takes on this tune over the last couple of weeks. So what's so different about this one? Several things:

1. Randy and I put our heads together and sorted out some major issues we've been having getting a decent recording out of his e-kit. Long, detailed, and embarrassing tale, we'll let that go for the moment but that was a game-changer, he's back in the mix.

2. Dropped a lot of the chorus effect I'd been using on the lead guitar and Danielle's vocals. I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff but it gets old quick, doesn't it? While we're on "vocals" I backed the bass eq off on mine substantially from earlier mixes, it's not booming out at ya like it was before.

3. Rhythm guitar got dropped during the break. Have a listen to "Podium", the mix with just the jug and tambourine perc. It's an E9th chord I'm stabbing during the latter half of the break, and I choke not once, but twice as the lead guitar solo is wrapping up. Could have redone it, but didn't; I like the way the soundscape opens up during that break.

So hey, I titled this post "soapbox", if you've got any comments or suggestions on the song and how it's evolved I'd like to hear 'em. Thoughts on using this forum, this website to develop songs appreciated too.

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