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DreamSphere 20-05-2017 15:47 PM

They say lightning never strikes twice...
...well they're wrong! We're back, after a few months without a working laptop (apologies), with much more on offer than ever before!

If you like the sound of electric guitars, the melodies and harmonies which can be created using multiple layers of sound, then take a gander at this brace of beauties:



Take your pick, they're both similarly arranged, 4-5 minutes long, utilizing a subdued intro then suddenly bursting into life, followed by a more restrained intermission, before returning to aforementioned levels of intensity.

Please be critical, and as always, any comments will be returned with a thorough investigation of one's own wares, comments left where appropriate! ;)

Pete from DreamSphere

DreamSphere 20-05-2017 16:02 PM

The top link doesn't work! (my bad:clapping:)

Use this one to listen to THE SHINING

tonyc 20-05-2017 20:50 PM

another top tune super tune........tonyc

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