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Old 03-07-2015, 01:33 AM  
Donations Feedback :)
Darth Raver Darth Raver is offline 03-07-2015, 01:33 AM

Greetings, loyal MP3U users!

Finally, I got around to posting a thread many of you have probably been eagerly waiting for, as it relates directly to your investment in the website.

First off, without going round in circles before getting to the point, mp3unsigned.com is in no immediate danger of collapse, thanks to you guys.

Here are the stats, going by country:

Canada: $150 (2 members, average $75 per person)
USA: $210 (4 members, average $52.50 per person)
UK: $505 (7 members, average $72.14 per person)

This comes to a grand total of $865 which should easily cover hosting payments for the next three months (unless there are are anomalous spikes in bandwidth in the meantime) meaning we are in the clear and won't reach red alert zone again until mid-November! This leaves plenty of time to figure out better ways of sustaining the site.

I am overwhelmed by the response - I was terrified that the reaction might be "Pay for a free site? Are you mad?" but you have all proved me wrong and restored my faith in the human species. I'm almost tearing up as I type... You guys are the reason I just couldn't pull the plug, because I always knew you loved the site just as much as I do, if not more so. And you proved me right!

Before I crack my silly Sith helmet with these saline optic emissions, let's get back to business:

There has been talk of complete "transparency" concerning donations, and I can understand 100% why people would want it. I would too, if I was investing money in a website on the verge of collapse (oh wait - didn't I do that about a month ago? ... never mind )

The problem is, some people choose the banner option (which shows clearly how much they pledged, going by the banner size, since all banner sizes have set prices) but some chose the anonymous donation option. The original plan was to have the banner option only, but after some thought we realised that fans of the site who aren't registered as artists might wish to contribute toward saving MP3U, so the 'donate only' option was also necessary. What we didn't anticipate, is that many artists would chose to donate and explicitly and tell us they want to do so anonymously.

Because of this unexpected situation, complete transparency regarding incoming funds is impossible. To do so without their consent would be a violation of their desired privacy. However, I have sent several e-mails to anonymous donors asking if they would reconsider mailing me a banner or banners (matching what they paid) to put them on the Hall of Fame.

Some artists have privately told me they don't wish to be "blowing their own trumpet" and that they would choose the banner option if everyone else did. Therein lies the problem, I think. You guys are too generous and too humble for your own good! If it's transparency about how much has been donated is desirable, then the banner route is the best way of doing it.

The way most websites work when it comes to banners is, you choose a banner size at a certain price which is for a certain duration. The advertiser chooses the size they want, how long they want it to run, and pay in advance. Once the deadline has been reached, unless a fresh payment comes in, the banner is history. Our idea is to do away with time limitations and allow every paid banner to remain on the Hall of Fame permanently.

Despite the impressive amount of money we have raised so far, the Hall of Fame kinda looks like this so far.

Rather than thinking a banner is a way of blowing your own trumpet, it might be better to think of it as inspiration to other artists to do likewise, and help save the site in the long term. Dave's inspiration for the Hall of Fame was the "million dollar homepage" which was launched in 2005, consisting of a 1000 x 1000 pixel grid, where advertisers could buy a pixel for one dollar (or a block of pixels to their liking at a dollar per pixel rate) which links to their own page.

Although it isn't very pretty to look at, it incredibly still exists for all to see, and incredibly reached its million dollar goal in 2006 (one year after launch!) due to it going viral as such a unique idea and everyone wanting to be a part of the phenomenon.

If a similar thing happened with mp3unsigned members and the Hall of Fame, we'd be financially in the clear in no time.

"To banner or not to banner..."

It's up to you guys.

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LIQUID is a splendid one to beholdLIQUID is a splendid one to beholdLIQUID is a splendid one to beholdLIQUID is a splendid one to beholdLIQUID is a splendid one to beholdLIQUID is a splendid one to behold

How about shutting the door on new members unless they pay a joining fee... Yeh not likely to be popular but given just 13 folk have dug deep I think it fair their interests are temporarily put before (very welcome) newcomers. If in November a source of income has been found that means we're safe and there is no reasonable reason to continue to charge then either refund them or we all pay if that's the way forward.

...what say the Ravers 13?

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