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Ffabbia Ffabbia is offline 30-03-2004, 17:43 PM

Fiftyfour Open Letter Before the End
- Musings -

Available HERE

Before starting all the preliminary nonsense for this Musing, I would like to say that I am damned well terrified!

The reason for this is because this review – for ‘Open Letter Before the End’ by Fiftyfour is my first ever review of an actual band!…by ‘band’ I mean ‘a group of musicians that real-time-record songs via playing "real" instruments together at the same time’.

All other reviews to date have generally been for ‘bedroom artists’ that compose via computer aided music – sure some of these class themselves as ‘bands’, and work together via creating sequences or samples and co-constructing a track (some of them are very good too), but it’s not the same…I have played in bands, even done gigs in the murky past, I’ve been to see bands, and certainly passed comments about zillions of them….Christ I’m now a bedroom artist! The fact that Fiftyfour are the first ever ‘live band’ to make my review list shouldn’t make a difference…but somehow it does. Am I qualified enough for the task?

I tell quote to myself my favourite adage ‘music is music, and genres mean nothing’…perhaps this could equally apply to the methods in which music is constructed?

……ok I talked myself into it! (anyway there is a drum machine used in the track as well…so..)

Seem to have wasted the ‘conceptual’ part of the musing here……so let’s play the track again, see if I can gain any insights into what the song is about..it sounds great! But is there a message in those tortured vocals?
__________________________________________________ ____

Relationship break-ups! Don’t you just love ‘em for a song subject matter?….trouble is they happen in real life as well…and being on the receiving end is not a joke! Neither is it ‘fun’ or ‘cool’ to write about! We do so more because we have to, rather than want to….so get it down, get it all down in writing before the courage to do so is lost. Perhaps she will never read these words? In fact, she never will, because such ‘open letters’ invariably end up in the fire grate, and though the fire is cold and unlit, those words burn in our minds regardless.

Get it all down, all the poison, all the times when communication was like distant stars that flicker at opposing points within opposite ends of the galaxy, all interpretation lost as a result of the vast distances;conflicting areas within time and space…reduced to idiot blinking and flashings of garbled signals.

We drifted off into tangential opposites, each with a message to scream and shriek, always together until only a mangled disharmony is apparent; no translation possible. We both radiate energy, but cannot connect, the polarity reversed! Funny how it seems as though you can never truly know another person. You might spend years with that person, lulled into the belief that they can surely have no more surprises within them. Everything familiar, all personality traits effectively modelled and known in advance…then BANG! Out rushes an idea, a concept…a core belief that is so utterly alien and beyond your experience; and so at odds with your own core beliefs that it may as well be expressed in an unworkable mathematical formulae. The understanding fails, and the former familiarity becomes a dangerous unknown. The attraction turned to hate, fear and self-cannibalism.

‘can’t take it anymore’ we breath to ourselves in the depths of the n

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dboon is on a distinguished road

Wow, whata review!!!! Thank you very much for such kind words and for taking out the time to spend so much time paying attention to detail!!!

Kerry FiftyfourEdited by: dboon
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Old 30-03-2004, 18:43 PM

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No problem. Hope it serves you well.

(as with all my reviews) I've also left additional comments and ratingon your band page.


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’open, end’, fiftyfour, letter

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