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Its The Delivery System! Put away the papers
Slippy-T Slippy-T is offline 05-12-2018, 19:26 PM

I can't help myself when I come to this site. There is such a outstanding plethora of artist who grace this site(old and new) BUT every time I come on here I'm inevitably drawn to one particular page, that being The Delivery System.

The music may not be to everyone's flavour of musicality but the construction of these musical events is often quite amazingly staggering.

Listen to any of the songs and you will find works filled with mayhem, lyricallity, production, and a host of likeable elements that all inspire a lovable envy.

It never ceases to amaze me how much BS&T (blood, sweat and tears to you out there rending your own interpretations) goes into those Ffab songs (Pun very intended) the songs are crafted in world-wise fashion with a variety of instrumental scalpels as deftly as plastic surgeons digits.

Yes you may think its not for me after listening but just listen to the passion that has been put into place when you open you aural portals.

I have been an avid fan since the coming of the ice age way back when loops were having their interactive public outings and still continue to be even though the moles were done in by the salt and potatoes found themselves uncomfortably placed in black holes and fertilised Brexitcatedly.

Be charmed, alarmed disarmed or bring your own travel arms along and have a listen.

When all else fails just open the door


Collaborative Incendiaries
Me At Soundclick

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Wow, thank you. That was unexpected.

I suppose my big problem is that I compose for myself, rather than out of any desire to please an external audience. Consequently I tend to be quite uncompromising in my approach. I've no interest in conforming to any kind of rock or pop norms. Basically I make the kind of stuff I want to hear, and if others like it - great... if they don't... too bad.

My complete indifference when it comes to self promotion doesn't precisely help either. Sometimes I go through binge stages when I think "I have to get my stuff out there" - and make all these big plans... but then I seem to lose interest before I even begin. But any serious self promotionist will tell you that just plonking your music into cyberspace without doing any work to promote it - and then hoping to be 'discovered', is like hoping to win the lottery without buying a ticket.

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