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dawnsinclair 04-06-2013 17:39 PM

Can't Resist Mentioning....
For quite a while now, I've only dared to hint at the prospect a song I collaborated on is being recorded by a name.....and although the name is almost unknown in this country it is a top name in China which I am sure has a thriving music industry. I did a bit of research on the artist and found she is far better known as an actress and is in fact one of the top actresses in China, working with and for Jackie Chan for star roles I might add.

Anyway, turns out she is also a singer and is recording I Walked Away by Boyana and me for an album which comes out next month.... the remuneration is better than I thought it would be and of course we get a sliver of the royalties after everyone else get their cuts....we are delighted anyway and in a sense it proves (to ourselves if no one else) that we weren't just mucking about after all LOL

So there you have me madam and doff your hat from now on hahahah

Pidgeman 06-06-2013 01:41 AM

Congratulations Dawn, that's great news.
I wonder if we could persuade Jackie Chan to record one of ours... :clapping:

DJC 10-06-2013 01:56 AM

That is some great news! Could be the start of something big, madam, if she scores a hit with it, she'll want more....;) And you've got 'em! :clapping:

Oh, and I don't wear a hat, but I'll put a knuckle to my forehead, do a courtly bow, and insist on kissing your hand your excellency! :D

dawnsinclair 10-06-2013 09:57 AM

Thanks Craig!!

I can see Jackie Chan singing The Why The When and The How LOL

and who wouldn't wanna sing I Gotta Find MY Way back to You huh????????

Davey, you are so right....I've got my name on over 250 songs, some of which were too dire to post on this site but I guess you have all got sick of seeing (hearing) Dawn Sinclair lyrics anyway by now.

Some songs I am pretty shocked were NOT taken by the promoters Boyana sent them to ....and I sent a few myself (not saying which) but I guess with all the artists out there trying to sell their stuff, it's a buyer's market... certainly no one seems interested in anything but R & B and I Walked Away is, apparently the kind of song that goes down best in promoter asked if I've got any more like that. I didn't tell him that I've always thought we were supposed to strive for differentness not sameness in our songs....what do I know anyway???

Thanks for the kind words though....I thought maybe no one liked to hear about successes after all.

DJC 10-06-2013 14:54 PM

Success sounds best when it's my own, or a well deserving someone of casual, or little acquaintance. When it happens to family, close friends, or peers I wince as cheer them on, knowing the bar just got set a little higher....:p

Seriously, congratulations Dawnie! It'll be interesting to see where this goes for you, keep us posted.

Darth Raver 10-06-2013 19:07 PM

Well done Dawn. That is indeed excellent news. :) Let's hope for many more success stories like this. :)

dawnsinclair 11-06-2013 14:53 PM

thank you so much!!

Erik Jurado 15-07-2013 10:46 AM

That's so cool! Congratulations! The way I see it - a success for you is a success for the entire site, so congratulations to me too! LOL! I ride a GREAT coattail. REALLY! You make the rest of us look good, so THANKS DAWN!

I think I'm going to pay you a visit right now, I haven't been to your page in a while and my internet is now working for this site!!!! I'm ready to start up business again, and you're my first target.


dawnsinclair 17-07-2013 02:00 AM

thanks Erik !!

Saphfire 19-07-2013 11:19 AM

Well done Dawn that's fantastic really pleased for you.....may it be the start of many more successes :)

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