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BBC Tees played KALLEN (WAGroup) this weekend :)
tbwig tbwig is offline 03-06-2014, 02:39 AM

I don't know how Keith comes up with monikers such as WAGroup)..KALLEN was so much simpler Be that as it may, the triumvirate of eccentricites (and pants) received airplay for one of their latest - Where Are You Going, Now? - on the BBC Tees Introducing this past Saturday. Included in the new group page - MP3 Unsigned - The Best MP3 s from New and Unsigned Artists is the introductory banter of the DJ...the context of which was the guest artist on the programme - Sandra Kerr from the BagPuss children's show - and my e-mail regarding the interview with Ms. Kerr. Fun, fun, fun!.
I'm learning a lot about things British, thanks to Keith, Kevin, ...and BBC Tees Bob and Shack (mostly Bob these days) and their guests....one of whom was none other than Keith Allen back in the Fall of 2013...you can find that interview on my page for the moment

Come visit and leave a comment.

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Old 06-06-2014, 23:16 PM
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Default I guess we're not celebrating much? :(

...not sure who else cares about celebrating this....oh well, I enjoy listening to BBC and hearing the tunes we composed and recorded ...a box of frogs to some..."eccentric" to more sophisticated palates FUN to me and the amigos!
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Old 13-06-2014, 15:38 PM
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Wotcha! Ah Terry-tronic, me 'old mucker' Me and Kevin teaching you all things British and crazy you say? Well its nice to compare.....er.... 'frogs'...you know...get them out for a hip-hop about now and again, have a bit croak down that old rusty microphone and... Hey-up! ... 'Bob's your uncle'!! its all good fun...!
Aye, old bean... the "WAGroup" ...I just dont know, doncha know?...No, I still dont know who I am after all these years. No-siree' ...Identity crisis is me! What's really in a name though?

Who cares? Well of course you, I and Kevin do! We are enjoying the journey...and 'by-gum-be-jabbers'! ....I wouldn't want to give this up for all the world.
Peeps are basically lazy gits....(think I'll have a lie down) ...and I include myself...but as long as I know that just ONE person was going to take some 5 minutes of time to have a listen...then I would continue to make music up.
Long live music...Long live the friends who share it...Share it with friends and live long!
Keith (smarty-pants)

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bbc, kallen, played, tees, wagroup, weekend

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